Jute Braid

We are the leading and prominent Manufacturer and Exporter of Handmade Jute Braid.

Hand-Spun Jute Braids:

Hand-spun Jute Braids are one of the most popular and high-selling products. It gets its name from its appearance and is spun by using 3 strands of raw jute exactly like braided hair.

Jute braids are available in various different widths, runnage counts and is most extensively used for weaving of rugs, carpets and mats. Braided rugs have an extremely high demand in the international markets and are sold all over the world. Also, extremely thin and fine braids are used to make several different kinds of products like coasters, bags and also are used for designing purposes.

6mm (1/4") Jute Braids Rope:

The 6mm handspun jute braids also known as 1/4" jute braids have an approximate runnage count of 50-55 metres/Kg. This is the thinnest quality among all regular kinds of braids. These are also available in silver-grey colour.

9mm (3/8") Jute Braids Rope:

This quality of jute braids is popularly referred to as the G-35 because of its runnage count which ranges from 32-35 metres/Kg. Its width is 9mm or 3/8" and thus falls between the 1/4" and 1/2" qualities. Available in silver-grey as well.

12mm (1/2") Jute Braids Rope:

The 12mm or 1/2" width jute braids have a runnage of 20-22 metres/Kg.

18mm (3/4") Jute Braids Rope:

This quality is 18mm or 3/4" wide and has a runnage of approximately 11-13 metres/Kg.

5 Ply 4cm Jute Braids:

This is distinguished from the other qualities on the basis that these braids are 5 Ply, that is they are made from the coiling of 5 strands of jute compared the usual 3Ply in all braids making it up to 4cm wide. It has a runnage of 5-6 metres per Kg and is widely used in making and bordering of rugs.

5 Ply 1" Jute Braids:

Made from braiding of 5 strands of jute, these braids are 1" wide (2.54cm) and are used for making various jute rugs.

Jute Braid
Jute Braids 550

We are Natural Jute Braids Manufacturer & Exporter of Handmade Jute Braid. This Jute Braid is made of natual jute. Jute Braid can be used for carpet, bag handle, rugs, designing purposes, decoration of cushions and rugs and doormat. We supply Jute Braid in all over World from Kolkata, India.