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GREEN PLANET JUTE PRODUCTS is one of the Leading Professional Manufacturer and Exporter Company of premium quality JUTE BAGS, COTTON BAGS and CANVAS BAGS in Kolkata, West Bengal, INDIA; with NUMBER OF YEARS Experiences. India is the largest producer of jute yarns in the world! And in a country like India where the jute production contributes more than 50% to the global market, Since in Eastern part of India majority of jute plants are grown, city of Kolkata becomes the ideal choice for production of high quality Jute Bags. Our factory is located in KOLKATA city. We are specialized in manufacturing and exporting various kind of Jute Bags, Cotton Bags and Canvas Bags. We are excited to announce that we have added fresh bags in our collection. We understand your needs and have launched these new bags for the current speedy lifestyle for all. In today's highly connected world, discerning consumers are seeking newer, smarter and cost effective ways of buying products and services so we have something for everyone.

Another reason why Green Planet Jute Products is a big Jute Bags wholesaler & supplier! the company constantly works towards improving its services. This is an important aspect especially considering that new technology is bringing about better ways of making the all types of Jute Bags.


Our factory is located in THE HUB OF JUTE- KOLKATA city. Our factory has many flexible production lines, can support small custom order, can enjoy professional customization services.

We have a professional design team, printing workshop, sewing workshop, packing workshop. And we provide a connected sequence service from placing an order to delivery, make you very convenient.


GREEN PLANET JUTE PRODUCTS offers you a wide range of best and premium quality Jute Bags and Cotton Bags across various categories that includes Jute Shopping Bags, Jute Hand Bags, Jute Promotional Bags, Jute Drawstring Bags, Jute Burlap Bags, Christmas Gift Bags, Jute Lunch Bags, Cotton Ladies Bags, Canvas Sleeves, Jute Wine Bags, Cotton Drawstring Bags, Canvas Grocery Bags, Jute Cosmetics Bags, Cotton Canvas Tote Bags, Cotton Laundry Bags, Jute Bottle Bags, Juco Bags, Jute Conference Bags, Jute Pouches, Jute Laptop Bags, Cotton Grocery Bags, Canvas Storage Bags, Jute Printed Bags, Cotton Carrier Bags, Jute Corporate Bags, Jute Wedding Gift Bags, Juco File Folder, Jute Bags for Auspicious occasions, Jute Bags for Return Gift and more.

All of our products are Natural, Eco-friendly and 100% Bio-degradable since these bags are made of natural plant-based fibre. Jute and Cotton Bags are reusable and long lasting. We customized Jute,Cotton and Canvas Bags as per customer’s requirements. Our Jute Bags are AZO free.


Our bag is widely used in Advertising and Promote your brand creatively, ethically & economically with our Eco-friendly Jute, Cotton and Canvas Bags. Another in corporate use, promote your business, return gift, shopping, food, office use, commerce, occasional and other fields. We are "A Natural Green Company in India" so If you have any query about Green Bags like Jute Bags, Cotton Bags or any other Eco-friendly solution please e-mail us at greenplanetjute@gmail.com . We will be happy to provide you all necessary information.



Our products are widely sold in Europe and America, Southeast Asia, Africa, South America. Our main market includes Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, France, Netherlands, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Singapore, Russia, South Africa, Italy & Japan. We have many satisfied clients in United Kingdom & United States who buy Jute Shopping Bags & Cotton Shopping Bags regularly.



Experts all over the world have estimated that in next 10 years demand for plastics will double and more the generation of plastic, more the damage to our landfills and water bodies. Plastic bags are a big threat to our environment, because a single plastic bag takes 1000 years to decay completely as they are made of petrochemicals which are nonrenewable. This is a wake up call for each one of us to reduce plastic usage thereby cutting down the overall demand caused by it. It may take time for our laws to get in place, but till then it is our responsibility to reduce plastic addiction cutting, and it doesn’t imply cutting convenience; it just means making conscious choices alternatives to plastic. BYOB basically stands for ‘Bring Your Own Bag’. Hold habits die hard , but make a switch to alternatives like Cotton Bags, Jute Bags or Eco-friendly bags made out of natural starches, whenever you visit the kirana shop or a vegetable market. Stash away reusable bags in your house, cars for it’ll come handy without having to pay extra for a plastic carry bag. Save your planet from choking. We are literally living in a plastic world. A recent research estimates show that around 2 million plastic bags are used every minute around the World, with less than 3% being recycled globally. A UNEP (United Nations Environment Program) report estimates about 10 to 20 million tons of plastic finding its way into the world’s oceans each year. In the ocean, there are 46,000 pieces of plastic per square mile. 1,00,000 marine animals die yearly by eating plastic bags. The pieces of plastic are outnumbering sea life in the ratio of 6:1. Do you know that so much plastic is dumped into the sea each year that it would fill five carrier bags for every foot of coastline on the planet, scientists have warned. Around 8 million tons of plastic bottles, bags, toys and other plastic rubbish ends up in the plastic world’s oceans each year.

This means that the plastic bags will stay for a longer period of time and damage our Mother Nature. Sadly, We are sitting on a big TIME BOMB called PLASTIC.

All we need to do is come back to the simpler lives we once lived. Break away from the habit of buying avoidable plastic bags. Carry a Cotton/Jute Bag always. Bring awareness about the harmful effects of plastic to the people around you.


Jute is often called "The Golden Fiber". Being derived from a plant, Jute is biodegradable and does not pollute the environment. The production and the use of Jute has little effect on the earth's energy resources. In short Jute is Eco-friendly, durable & strong fiber being it's a shopping, packaging or fashion accessories Jute has caught on in the World Market.


* Earth friendly natural fiber.

* When you use 1 jute bag you can save 6 plastic bags in a week.

* That is 24 plastic bags in a month.

* That is 288 bags in a year.

* That is 22,176 plastic bags in a average life.

* If 1 out of 5 people do this we would save 1,330,560,000,000 bags over our lifetime.