One of the most simple first steps toward a more ecofriendly life is to start using Cotton Bags. Even if their conception and fabrication have an impact on the environment, the simple fact that we can reuse them and that they are made from a Biodegradable material make them a much better option than plastic bags.

Cotton bags are also very easy to find and you can choose them in standard or organic cotton. Green Planet Jute Products are now making all our bags from natural cotton. It is a greener and bio-degradable option as this cotton is grown without any pesticides and is much better for local populations and cultivated land quality. Cotton bags enhance your brand in two ways. First, they can physically make your brand look amazing – branded cotton bags are a great way to showcase your logo and your message. Second, they align your brand with important values that are much bigger than you – that the environment matters. Natural cotton canvas bags look nicer to use than plastic bags. Replacing your bags with a higher quality alternative means an enjoyable customer experience and brand recognition. Cotton bags are cheaper. In more and more places we have to pay for plastic bags. Plastic bags are mostly made of non-sustainable materials. The environment is extremely important, but your solution must be sustainable for your business. The good news is that cotton bags last a lot longer than plastic bags which means the customer will reuse them again and again. Because they’re so durable, your cotton bags might even last years. That means your bags can double as a great long-term investment in building brand awareness, with visibility on your branded bags wherever they’re used. Plastic never disappear, it spread into small pieces that pollutes the ocean and lands. These micro beads have a direct impact on our health as the enter the food chain.