Jute Shopping Bags
Jute Shopping Bags

Natural Jute Shopping Bags with Cotton Webbed Handle

Green Planet Jute Products is the leading Jute Shopping Bags Manufacturer.

HandleCotton Webbed Handle
UsageShopping, Grocery Store, Daily life Use

The name of the bag is carrying its purpose. Therefore, this is making from Golden Fiber. Golden Fiber is 100% Bio Degradable material. Its a unique gift of nature. These types of jute shopping bags are very popular for their quality and long-lasting nature and now available in many customized designs. After that, It is truly one of the most versatile fibers in the world. After that, Jute is incorporated with high tensile strength.

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We manufacture many types of Jute & Cotton Bags. If you have any design, that's better. If you don't have any design or idea, it's does not matter. We have much experience of producing Jute & Cotton Bags and we can provide some suggestion for you.